On Sun, 2003-12-14 at 15:03, Dieter Maurer wrote:
> Chris McDonough wrote at 2003-12-13 19:20 -0500:
> > With ZEO, Zope typically restarts in under a second.
> Things are much better with you than with us.
> Here, it takes at least 6 seconds to reload the hundreds of
> Python modules that make up Zope and it takes minutes to
> validate the ZEO client cache.

OK, I suppose I was exaggerating (but only by about four seconds ;-). 
For me, with no ZEO, running Zope and Plone HEADs on an Athlon 2100+
under Linux:

real    0m5.329s
user    0m3.310s
sys     0m0.290s

With ZEO with no persistent client cache:

real    0m5.652s
user    0m3.590s
sys     0m0.330s

With ZEO with a persistent client cache:

real    0m4.991s
user    0m3.610s
sys     0m0.310s

The database is very small, so it's hard for me to tell how much time
(if any) ZEO is saving me on restarts.

> We still use ZODB 3.1 and at least there, the cache verification
> protocol seems quite stupid. We will soon switch to ZODB 3.2
> and when cache validation still needs minutes, I will need
> to look into this...

Apparently, the ZEO in 2.7 and the HEAD is better about doing as little
work as possible for cache verification at startup than older versions

- C

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