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On Mon, 2004-01-05 at 00:06, Mike C. Fletcher wrote:


Is a bug report I filed a while ago for a fairly trivial breakage of the ClassSecurityInfo class due to the use of assignment to the class dictionary during the apply method. [...]

The InitializeClass function also needs to have the same transformation applied to it.

If desired I can pull the CVS tree and produce a diff if the problem isn't already solved.

If you do that, and attach the patch to the bug report, people with CVS
access will have even less excuses not to fix it :-)

Okay, this appears to have been fixed in CVS by Jim back in November.

Revision : 1.15
Date : 2003/11/28 16:45:22
Author : 'jim'
State : 'Exp'
Lines : +7 -5
Description :
New-style class dictionaries are immutable. Changed some class-update
code to use setattr rather thah class-dictionary modifications.

If someone wants to close the issue out, that'd be cool.

Enjoy yourselves,

 Mike C. Fletcher
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