Dieter Maurer wrote:
Jim Fulton wrote at 2004-1-15 17:23 -0500:

None should never be passed for attribute accesses. If it is,
then there is a bug.  The case of dictionary mapping names to
whatever is for attribute access.  We are talking about item/key
access. I haven't seen a use case for needing to specify separate access
for separate key values.

The original problem report (at least the one I read in
this mailing list) was that a function
registered with "setDefaultAccess" was called with
"None" as "name" argument.

I expect that such a function is not called for dictionary or list access
but only for access to (class) instances.
When it is called, the name is relevant, as usually the name
will be used to distinquish which attributes should be accessible
and which not.

Well, the proginal message in this thread refers to an item access.

*** 312,318 ****
              # Skip directly to item access
              o = object[name]
              # Check access to the item.
!             if not validate(object, object, name, o):
                  raise Unauthorized, name
              object = o

The code above this:

if not name or name[0] == '_':

Checks for empty names or names beginning with underscrores, neither of
which are legal attribite names.

So, this does seem to be about item access.


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