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On 17/01/2004, at 10:34 AM, Jim Fulton wrote:

I I'm pretty sure that I can redo the way we protect dictionaries and
lists so that we can provide backward compatability. If I can do this,
I will, because backward compatability *is* important, especially for bug-fix

This is done and checked into the Zope 2.7 branch (Zope-2_7-branch).

Stuart, can you try this out and make sure that your application
works as it did before?

All appears to be working as before. If this is definitely deprecated, I'll note that in AccessControl.py.

I don't have a problem with deprecating this feature if it makes
the Zope code saner - I was only using it because it was there
and did what I wanted.

I don't particularly like the idea of this mechanism working
for getattr access but not for getitem access. I've always
tended to stick with using getitem over getattr, partly as a
holdover from when it was incredibly painful to mix getattr
overrides with ExtensionClass, and partly because you are less
likely to recursively shoot yourself in the foot. Indeed - an
argument could be made for deprecating getattr in favor of
getitem, as the latter could make use of Unicode keys if Zope's
traversal mechanisms were updated to cope.

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