On Sat, 2004-01-17 at 17:22, Jamie Heilman wrote:
> Jeremy Hylton wrote:
> > I committed a patch with the umask option a few days ago.  I thought it
> > only affected zdaemon and the tests all looked clean afterwards.  I'm
> > not sure how zopectl.py ends up being affected or why there aren't any
> > tests of it.  The various scripts to start and stop programs are usually
> > hard to test, but they're usually the source of a lot of bugs, too.
> Speaking as a sysadmin I'd like to suggest that the zope daemons make
> no efforts to frob thier assigned umasks in any way.  Thats generally
> something the sysadmin will take care of during the startup scripts,
> and to have daemons change it after the fact because they think they
> know "better" causes no end of frustration.

You should take it up with the sysadmin on the zodb-dev list who wanted
this feature :-).  Daemons don't set the umask by themselves; they only
do it when a sysadmin configures zdaemon to run with the --umask

All the advice I can find about writing daemon code suggests that
setting the umask is desirable.  The zdaemon code that we've been using
is based on these guidelines 
http://www.hawklord.uklinux.net/system/daemons/d3.htm, which recommend
resetting the umask in a daemon.  They are basically the same as the
coding rules for daemons in Steve's Advanced Programming in the Unix


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