Consider me awaiting my socks to be blown off. 8-)

Tres Seaver wrote:

Jason Spisak wrote:

You are right. I've also got that permission turned off to take advantage of that part of the CMF workflow, which compounds the problem since it's site wide. I'm building the individual DateIndexs now and when that's done, I'll check the performance (for my own edification if nothing else 8-). Then I'll add that DateRange index and patch the CMF and check again.

Do you guys want metrics? If so, preferred tool/output method? (although my guess is, you already know how spiffy this makes things 8-)

While *I* have a gut feel for what the result should be ("using DateIndexes will ease most of your pain; using a DateRange index will blow your socks off"), it would be good to confirm that I'm right (or not :) in public.


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