I am fairly new to zope & python but I am working to migrate some data/objects from zope 2.6.1 to zope 2.7.0-b2 (and eventually 2.7.0 final.

What I am doing is this.
(1) get Dublin core metadata + some Dublin core extensions for the objects
(2) get pure text representation of object content - I can't use a simple import/export in zexp format because the classes in the receiving zope instance differ significantly from the classes in the sending zope instance.

I am able to collect all the data mentioned above and pass it across to the new 2.7.0-b2 zope instance but i am having trouble getting my objects to live where they need to live; specifically their path is not being accepted properly when i recreate the objects.

here's a code snippet for an external method i am working on

<preliminary stuff removed ...>

def addObjects(self, objectList):

  from Products.CMFCore.PortalFolder import PortalFolder
  from OFS.Moniker import Moniker
  import urllib

  nameList = []
  for myObject in objectList:
    metadata = myObject[0]
    content  = myObject[1]
    dcMetadata = metadata['DC']
    edcMetadata = metadata['EXTENDED_DC']

    name = metadata['OBJECT_ID']
    oType = metadata['TYPE']
    portalType = metadata['PORTAL_TYPE']
    metaType = metadata['META_TYPE']
    DCType = dcMetadata['Type']
    path = metadata['PATH']
    root = metadata['ROOT']

selfPath = self.getPhysicalPath()



    q = content['CONTENTS']
    uq = urllib.unquote(q)

<other code to manipulate the object's content removed ...>

<clean up stuff removed ...>

the line "self.invokeFactory(portalType,'__'+name)" should be creating the new objects should be created in the context (self) that the external method is executing in - i checked what path 'self' has and it is correct (in this case /DF/testStuff).

but instead of being created where I'd expect the new objects are being created in /DF

I am sure this all come down to my own inexperience but I would really appreciate any advice that a more experiences python/zope person can give.

altkey (aka Phil)

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