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I am fairly new to zope & python but I am working to migrate some data/objects from zope 2.6.1 to zope 2.7.0-b2 (and eventually 2.7.0 final.

What I am doing is this.
(1) get Dublin core metadata + some Dublin core extensions for the objects
(2) get pure text representation of object content - I can't use a simple import/export in zexp format because the classes in the receiving zope instance differ significantly from the classes in the sending zope instance.

I am able to collect all the data mentioned above and pass it across to the new 2.7.0-b2 zope instance but i am having trouble getting my objects to live where they need to live; specifically their path is not being accepted properly when i recreate the objects.

Before trying to deal with the problem you state, I'll make two possibly simplifying observations:

1. There should be no need to do any migration when upgrading Zope. The ZODB has not changed, and you may simply copy it over or upgrade Zope in place.

2. ZSyncer is the best magic for copying objects from one instance to another.

As for your stated problem: I think self may not be what you think it is, because if it really is 'testStuff' it should work like you expect. I can't say why without knowing more.


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