I have a zope-behind-an-apache configuration (OpenBSD 3.4, Zope2.7rc1,
python 2.3.3, apache 1.3x). Inside the zope root, there's a folder
called 'Instances', and inside this there's my custmo object (eLMS)
called 'a': /Instances/a. A beforetraverse hook is registered on 'a'.

I configured two access paths to this object in apache:

RewriteRule ^/(.*)
s/a/VirtualHostRoot/$1 [L,P]

RewriteRule ^/(.*)
ostRoot/$1 [L,P]

(I omitted the irrelevant parts)

The first one is the 'main entrance' directly to the 'a' object via
https://test.server.org, the other one is a 'service entrance' to the
root folder via https://test.server.org:444.

Problem: if I try to access anything via the 'main entrance', the
beforetraverse hook is called two times. Also I have strange things
inside BaseRequest.traverse, like '/' on the path.
My question: is the first rewrite rule a valid one? If not, how can I
achieve the same results with a valid one?

A debug shot from the traverse call:

> /zope/zopestable/lib/python/ZPublisher/BaseRequest.py(257)traverse()
(Pdb) path
[u'loginUser', u'usermgrFolder', '/', 'VHM']  <= this looks weird to me
(Pdb) parents
[<Application instance at 3cdb9fb0>, <Folder instance at 3cdcc8f0>,
<eLMS instance at 3cdc5260>]
(Pdb) request.get_header('PATH_INFO')


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