Paul Winkler wrote:
Eh? I'm not sure what you want. No border attribute,
or border="0"?

If you want to force no border attribute, you can pass it
a false value.

No border attribute at all.

In Zope you have to specify you dont want a border you have to call <tal:image replace="python: here.some_jpg.tag(border=0)">. What we want to do in Plone is this: <tal:image replace="here/some_jpg">.

Much easier, more readable and probably faster.

Plone does the opposite - the monkeypatch causes there to be
no border attribute unless you ask for one.

Right because the border attribute is not standards compliant, and is deprecated. So this way if you don't want to meet standards, great go fo it, but otherwise you'll get the right tag.

For more information on that, ask the Plone UI guys they were the ones who asked me to do this somehow. Borders should only be done in CSS.

So you leave it out and then you wrap your image in an <a>
tag and every freakin' browser puts a border around it. Blah.
I prefer Zope's default to Plone's.

That's what CSS is for and that's why it will probably never go into the core - let's break everyone's images folks...
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