Jim Fulton wrote:
Tres Seaver wrote:

Jim Fulton wrote:

Jim Fulton wrote:

Based on recent discussions, I've created a proposal:


to rename the "zope" package to "z". Unless there are strong
objections, we'll do this after we move the Zope repository head to
subversion at the end of the month.

I've gotten enough negative feedback to "z", that I've added an alternative 4
to the proposal:

  4. Rename the Zope package to Zope2 and provide a legacy Zope

-1, for reasons I've stated before.

Before you said: > the amount of third-party code which we would break is incalculable.

we *can't* inflict the pain on the large set of installed production servers to favor "cleanliness" for the one only installed by arrow-backed pioneers. We would be *much* better off with the status quo ante than with such a "solution".

I tried to address your concerns.  The proposal should *not* inflict
pain on installed production servers.  Is your complaint that:

- There will be deprecation warnings or that

- We would not enable this by default in 2.9,

Sorry for the misunderstanding, which was mine: given the current deprecation scheme, I am only -0 on the notion.

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