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Philipp von Weitershausen wrote:

Why would they switch to Zope 2.8 if not for the component architecture?

To stay current? To get MVCC? To get new-style extension classes, and
thus access to many modern Python features. Later releases will provide
benefits beyond just the Z3 features.

But, if they are willing to investigate into new features, new-style extensions classes and all that, a small package rename from Zope to Zope2 should be just as manageable.

My point was that Zope 2 will make advances independent of Zope 3. Zope 3 technology isn't the only reason for people to upgrade.

Also, sometimes, people *need* to upgrade to retain support. That may
be the only reason to upgrade for some folks.  (Perhaps we, the community,
need to provide better management of old releases, but that's a different topic.)

We need better ways to manage change. Up to now, Zope 3 has established
a culture of embracing change and damning backward compatibility. That was
exactly the right culture for Zope 3.  When Zope X3.0 enters beta, however,
we'll need to shift to embrace change *and* backward compatibility through an
orderly change process.  We will need to figure out what that process is.

Up to now, Zope 2 hasn't managed change very well. Historically, Zope 2
has put expediency and backward compatibility before cleanliness and elegance.
I'm a major offender here.  We will often pile hacks on top of hacks to
retain backward compatibility.  This was driven to an extensive degree
by practical realities, but it was also a result of a lack of appreciation
of the benefits of architectural restructuring and the lack of a change process.
We didn't so much evolve as accumulate.  We must learn to evolve.

I'm optimistic that, as Zope 3 stabilizes and begins to merge with Zope 2, we
will establish a new healthier culture of change and compatibility.


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