> The standard subversion repository layout is by project:
>    proj1
>         /trunk
>         /branches
>                  /br1
>                  /br2
>                  ...
>         /tags
>              /tag1
>              /tag2
>              ...


> With this layout, when you want to checkout the main development
> branch (aka head) of ZODB, you do:
>    svn co svn+ssh://svn.zope.org/repos/ZODB/trunk ZODB
> That is, you need to include "/trunk" at the end and provide "ZODB"
> as the name of the output directory so as not to get a directory named
> "trunk".  If you forget the "/trunk", you'll get a checkout that
> includes copies of all of the various tags and branches, which could
> be huge.
> I suggest, instead to use the following layout:


> Thoughts?

I read some subversion docs over the weekend, and so am sufficiently
prepared to live with the oddities of "a standard" subversion layout.  I
think that if you make a non-standard layout, then everyone coming to, or
going from, Zope from/to other subversion projects will be forever tripping
over the uniqueness of Zope's setup.

IOW, the existing subversion docs cover "the standard" layout quite well.
If we do something unique, I'm afraid it becomes another piece of folklore
that will be impossible to guess and difficult to find out about.

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