[Stefan H. Holek]
> As BDBStorage has been removed from HEAD quite some time ago, I was
> wondering whether it would be possible/advisable to remove it from 2.7
> branch as well. Would it?

I think it would, because there's no resource to maintain it.  BDBStorage
was released as an experiment:  Zope Corp doesn't have the internal resource
to make it production-quality, and we knew that.  The experiment consisted
of releasing the code anyway, to see whether the community wanted it enough
to complete it.  That didn't happen, so it's a mass of dead code now.

OTOH, removing BDBStorage isn't entirely straightforward, as tendrils reach
into everything from setup to dark corners of the test suite, and
BDBStorage's primary author has a different job now (i.e., the person best
able to remove it correctly and completely isn't available to do so).

That said, the BDB-based storages remain a great *idea*, and the code is in
good shape.  There's still faint hope in my heart that "someone" will adopt
the code and make it a production-quality option.  Realistically, that's not
going to happen, in which case the BDB code is "an attractive nuisance"
everywhere it remains.

In all, it's easiest now to leave it in 2.7; it will be gone in 2.8

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