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I don't know how it relates to Zope.
There's FFServer (http://ffmpeg.sf.net) - powerful streaming solution.
Or you may be interested in www.MMManager.org - Multimedia manager for

TS> hi!
TS> I have to stream large mpeg-files over http with range support. this
TS> works quite nice until the client seeks in the (media)player and the
TS> files aren't tooooo large, because zope caches the whole file...
TS> ...so each seek means streaming the whole file from the requested 
TS> position till end *g*
->> my RESPONSE object doesn't even know, that the player has seeked e.g.
TS> back to the beginning...
TS> is there a way to bypass the zope caching? and how do I know if the
TS> player has disconnected, so I can stop streaming?

TS> thanks in advance
TS> thilo
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