John Ziniti wrote at 2004-7-6 20:44 -0400:
> ...
>I've had problems using PIL-based products in Zope because Zope
>has its own module called "ImageFile" and Zope does some sys.path
>munging so that when certain PIL modules do "import ImageFile",
>they import the Zope version, instead of the that
>comes with PIL.  This causes lots of hard-to-track errors that
>have "weird" error messages ( I always get "BadFont" ).

I do not think this is a Zope fault...

We can use Zope and PIL together without any problem
and without the need to change either Zope nor PIL.

>I have "fixed" this problem before by editing the module for
>the type of image I am using to do a more explicit import.  For
>example, for JPEG images, I edit PIL/ to
>from PIL import ImageFile

Provided that "PIL.JpegImagePlugin" was imported via
the "PIL" package, "import ImageFile" will work as
well -- without any danger to clash with any other "ImageFile"...

The problem almost surely is that PIL provides for accessing
PIL modules without going through the PIL package *AND*
your application makes use of this possibility.

Always access PIL modules in your application code
via "PIL.module" and never via "module".

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