sqlrelay seems to hold some promise for connection pooling although I am
not sure if theres support for sapdb
Brad Clements wrote:

On 16 Jul 2004 at 8:57, Chris Withers wrote:

This often means that many more database connections are opened than are
actually necessary. And if you start timing out inactive database
connectiosn on the database side, you're in for a world of pain and

I branched ZOracleDA some time ago to move away from this model for that
very reason...

What's the actual problem you're experiencing?

I have set the SAPDB timeout to 32400 seconds. However when running with more than 1 thread I still get "mysterious segfaults" in the sapdbapi component.

The SAP folks say their adapter is "multi-thread capable", but I've come to believe that only means that it's ok to open a connection in one thread and use it in another, but NOT to have 2 threads make requests on the same connection at the same time.

Also, two threads can' t open a connection "at the same time" because their connection table management isn't "thread safe".

What I need, I suppose, is a DB connection pool mechanism of some kind. I also have Python extensions that need a connection as well. Getting the actual database connection from a DA stinks (ie, it's not really possible). I'd like to see an API extension to ZopeDA's to allow Pythonscripts, Products and external methods get an actual db connection. But that I suppose is a problem to solve later.

I think I will take a look at ZOracleDA to see what you did.

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