Brian Lloyd wrote:


Speaking of, the area should probably be updated to:

1. capture the current state of affairs (2.8 / HEAD on svn and 2.7 on CVS), since it is currently mostly 'in the heads' of the various Zope devs

Good point.

2. translate the CVS FAQ to the svn world (recommendations for how to manage our 'activity branch' pattern in svn
in particular

Note that this is somewhat dependent on the Zope version.

In Zope 3, we make much less use of development branches because:

1. We prefer increments of change to be small.  (This might be
   a useful goal for Zope 2 as well.)

2. We have far more tests:

   a. New code is required to have it's own tests

   b. Tests must always pass on the trunk or on
      release branches.

3. clarify other questions that would be obvious to new devs looking at that area of the site for guidance ;)



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