Chris McDonough wrote:
This sounds good.  I would add perhaps the concept of a 'smoke test'
application for backwards compatibility testing.

For Zope 2, the smoke test might be Plone or another large app written
on top of it.

Maybe someone involved in Zope 2 release management would volunteer to
run the "smoke test app" unit tests on each proposed Zope 2 release.  If
the unit tests didn't pass, it would block the release until the issue
was resolved.  I think Andreas does this in a sort of ad-hoc way with
Plone now but not sure.

Same for Zope 3, I just don't know what the smoke test app would be.

I'd actually like to set up a public buildbot server somewhere that we could automatcally test 3rd-party applications with. We could then test a variety of applications. ZC doesn't really have the human bandwidth to manage another machine in the cluster.

Would anybody be willing to run a buildbot server?  We (Fred :)
can help set it up, as we've done that here in F12g.

If we can get the server going, then we'd also need volunteers to
run buildbot slaves.


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