In article <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> you write:
> In the method is defined as
> def getUserById(self, id, default=_marker):
>      try:
>          return self.getUser(id)
>      except:
>          if default is _marker: raise
>          return default
> I am wondering whether anybody actually depends on the fact that 
> getUser is supposed to raise an exception. I know of no user folder 
> implementation that actually does that.
> Rather, I'd like to change it to the way it's done in LDAPUserFolder 
> where the method looks (more or less) like:
> def getUserById(self, id, default=_marker):
>      user = self.getUser(id)
>      if user is None and default is not _marker:
>          return default
>      return user

Can we have instead:

    def getUserById(self, id, default=_marker):
        """Return the user corresponding to the given id.

        Raises a KeyError if the user does not exist and no default
        is provided.
        user = self.getUser(id)
        if user is not None:
            return user
        if default is not _marker:
            return default
        raise KeyError(id)


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