Stefan H. Holek wrote:
In the method is defined as

def getUserById(self, id, default=_marker):
        return self.getUser(id)
        if default is _marker: raise
        return default

I am wondering whether anybody actually depends on the fact that getUser is supposed to raise an exception. I know of no user folder implementation that actually does that.

Rather, I'd like to change it to the way it's done in LDAPUserFolder where the method looks (more or less) like:

def getUserById(self, id, default=_marker):
    user = self.getUser(id)
    if user is None and default is not _marker:
        return default
    return user

Any objections?

def getUserById(self, id, default=None): user = self.getUser(id) if user is None: return default return user

Seems easier to do the same thing, And in fact, if it shouldn't raise anything, then it shouldn't have a default at all.

def getUserById(self, id):
    return self.getUser(id)

But that would break anything that actually calls default...

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