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Wolfgang Langner wrote:
> Hello,
> Tres Seaver wrote:
>>When you use 'svn:externals', the referenced package itself is *not*
>>part of the containing checkout;  it is managed separately by the svn
>>client (sort of like ESI and page fragments).
> Yes this is true. But the differences between svn:externals and a copy are not
> so big. (the user nearly gets the same)

Copies are forks.  We have a lot of experience over the past year with
the pain those forks cause.

> With both you can get enough trouble. Even with svn:externals it's possible
> that someone checks something in to a tagged version.
> Subversion misses the feature to make tags read only and thats what you need
> in both cases.

Note that the Zope SVN repository does not allow write access via 'svn:'
URLs, so we can get the "read-only" effect by exploiting that.  We
should proabably also see what can be done to make commits into the
'tags' tree disallowed;  I'm not sure if that is possible in a
'svn+ssh:' setup.

>>Tim points out that there are a number of these external dependencies,
>>including ZConfig and zdaemon, which are not directly part of ZODB
>>either:  it depends on them in the same way that Zope depends on ZODB.
> My company uses subversion extensively, we have one rule:
> If we are in the same repository, we try to make a copy.
> If we have to different repositories and there are dependencies,
> we use svn:externals.
> Because there is one big Problem with svn:externals:
> If the repository is closed source and not available over Internet
> it is not possible to work at home with ssh checkouts.

Doesn't obtain here.

> Hope this helps a little bit.

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