Tim Peters wrote:
[Tim Peters]

Suggestion:  I make a new copy of


stitch that into Zope trunk (change the lib/python svn:externals to
point to the new copy), do all the get_transaction() edits there, and
repair the IDataManager glitch there too.  This could easily be done
before lunch today (my time <wink>).

I assume nobody objects, since nobody objected <ahem>.  I see that


already exists, has already made changes to Zope3 code, and that the


tag Zope trunk is currently using appears to be a tag made off of that
branch.  So I'll continue on that line:  make edits in


and, when they're done, make a new tag from that branch and stitch the
new tag into Zope trunk.

If anyone objects, please do so ASAP.

This is exactly right! I should read all your mail, I'm typing at cross-purposes. :)



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