-1 for removing it. I think it's a cool feature :-)

I like the ability to use a 'blank' SiteRoot (one with a blank base and path) in conjunction with an access rule to set request variables when I access my site in through a particular point (eg set the plone_skin variable when I access my site through /admin or force a particular language when I access my site through /language-name). This is in addition to using VHM and apache rewrite rules in the standard way.

I guess this could be done with more complicated rewrite rules but then I become dependent on accessing the site trough apache and lose some flexibility.


Florent Guillaume wrote:
After spending an hour helping someone debug a site that had an hidden SiteRoot somewhere that prevented a virtual host monster from working, it was suggested to me that if there's a virtual host monster, it should take precedence (and deactivates) any further SiteRoot. I think it's a good idea.

Should I create a patch ?


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