Paul Winkler wrote:
On Thu, Apr 07, 2005 at 12:55:09PM +0100, Laurence Rowe wrote:

-1 for removing it. I think it's a cool feature :-)

I like the ability to use a 'blank' SiteRoot (one with a blank base and path) in conjunction with an access rule to set request variables when I access my site in through a particular point (eg set the plone_skin variable when I access my site through /admin or force a particular language when I access my site through /language-name). This is in addition to using VHM and apache rewrite rules in the standard way.

I'm curious, what does the SiteRoot buy you over just doing all that in an access rule?

Having just read up on REQUEST.setServerURL(SiteRootBASE) and REQUEST.setVirtualRoot(SiteRootPATH). I was about to say "nothing at all - I'm just being ignorant", but it looks like the answer is actually 'flexibility'.


If a SiteRooted folder is ever accessed through URLs with a base or path that does not get rewritten to match the Base and Path of the SiteRoot, you should make the SiteRoot's Base and Path blank and dynamically create SiteRootPATH/SiteRootBASE variables. For example, if you made a 'Zope' global-access prefix as described above, then the 'else' part should contain something like <dtml-call "REQUEST.set('SiteRootPATH', '/')">.

Without the blank site root you lose the flexibility of these methods working when the site is not being virtual hosted, which is quite handy while developing.


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