Richard Jones wrote:
> Is this a general trend for Zope 2? I'd rather see Zope 2 kinda avoid ZCML if
> possible. It's just one of those personal preference things, I suppose, but I
> know I'm not the only one who isn't that enamored of the ZCML approach.

ZCML started out for me (and as an experinced zope2 programmer I guess
the experience may not be that unusual) as "ooh, my, lots to learn,
why is it that complex"? Then it becames "oh, it's a consistent way of
doing all those thinks that weren't very pythonic, like defining page
templates", and then finally I grasped it with "ah, it's really the
best parts of aspect orientation; you make all these separate modules,
and you tie them together with ZCML!"

Like XML or not, the approach of moving this type of meta-information
to ZCML rocks.

You know the feeling when a third party product has the wrong
permission or no permission at all on something? What are you gonna
do? Subclass: Lots of work. Patch: You gotta keep it updated. With
ZCML, you override it. TADA!
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