Chris Withers wrote:
Lennart Regebro wrote:

You know the feeling when a third party product has the wrong
permission or no permission at all on something? What are you gonna
do? Subclass: Lots of work. Patch: You gotta keep it updated. With
ZCML, you override it. TADA!

Yes, this is all stuff I know and love about Z3 ;-) When I last saw ZCML, it was horrible though. I don't mind XML, just not if it lots of pointless typing...

Jim suggests that ZCML has got better, I hope so, in which case I won't have to write an alternative that uses the same underlying infrastructure :-D

Since ZML is XML, creating a less verbose language may be easier to accomplish by actually *using* the XML infrastructure, and translating your language to ZCML.

Anyway, while I have my criticisms of ZCML, too much typing is really not very important in my list. You can get it somewhat shorter, I'm sure, but not *that* much shorter. I'd worry more about the reading part than the writing.


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