This is due to how Python Scripts compute their cache keys. The relevant snippet from PythonScript._exec() is:

            asgns = self.getBindingAssignments()
            name_context = asgns.getAssignedName('name_context', None)
            if name_context:
                keyset[name_context] = aq_parent(self).getPhysicalPath()

Note that aq_parent() gives you the URL parent, not the container. I see no way around that as the return value of a script may well depend on its context.


On 21. Apr 2005, at 22:26, Paul Winkler wrote:

It's not obvious to me from the code why this is happening
(or why it might be desirable).  The cache manager stores and looks
up items by their getPhysicalPath(), so I don't see why context vs.
container is relevant.  If I'd wanted the URL to be relevant,
I would have put that in the REQUEST Variables configuration.

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