Martijn Faassen wrote:
Can't we use the same headers for Five 1.0 and Zope 2.8? Both releases are ZPL 2.1, aren't they? Are there other things you did have to change?

Yes, some other things like taking out the module, and some documentation differences.

I want to get the headers in synch inside Five eventually, just didn't want to do it for Five 1.0.

There is a lot of cruft in Zope 2.8. As long as the monkey patchs are disabled in Zope 2.8, I would not mind if they are shipped with 2.8. That would make it easier to update the Zope repository frequently.

I'd been putting it off, and all this, especially Andreas' note, reminded me I should do it. If you can get your fixes checked into the Zope 2.8 trunk (as well as in the Five-1.0 branch) then we should be fine (assuming you can check into Otherwise just put it in the branch and I'll port it into Zope 2.8).

Done. Five-1.0 and Zope trunk.

Cheers, Yuppie

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