> [Andreas Jung]
> > I would like to cut the 2.8 beta 2 release this weekend. So I
> > hope that the windows related issues are fixed until Sunday. I
> > hope anyone can fix the ZConfig issue with the default IP
> > address when Zope starts up.
> That wasn't the problem.  The problem was that Zope on Windows
> couldn't be told to listen on a hostname _other than_ localhost.  Even
> if you set ip-address in zope.conf, it seemed to be ignored on
> Windows, and Zope still wound up listening (only) on localhost.
> Note that this new-ish test still fails on Windows on Zope trunk:

I think we have 2 issues here:

* There is a bug in ZConfig such that if a default is provided for *both*
hostname and IP, things don't behave as expected.  This bug probably exists
on all platforms, but is only seen on Windows since it provides defaults for
the 2 values.

* It is still unclear why Windows has a different default in the first

Thus there seem to be 2 ways to move forward:

1) Remove the different behaviour for Windows.

2) Fix the underlying ZConfig error, and document somewhere the reasons for
the change.

Without any understanding of why Windows requires different behaviour (and
with no-one stepping up to the plate to look at ZConfig), the best way
forward may be (1).  Assuming all our tests pass we can then wait for the
bug-reports to roll in (or not!) regarding this change in behaviour.  We can
then make an effort to understand and document the issue, and resolve it in
a 2.8.x release.


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