[Tim Peters]
>> So, best guesses (please scream where I'm wrong):
>> - This is because service.py doesn't define a SvcShutdown method, just
>>   a SvcStop method,
>> - It's a good idea to add a SvcShutdown method to service.py.
>> - It would suffice to add
>>     SvcShutdown = SvcStop
>>   to service.py.
>> If nobody disagrees (or even if everyone disagrees except Mark
>> <wink>), I'll add that to the various Zope branches.

[Mark Hammond]
> Thanks Tim - I'd never noticed that omission.  You are completely correct.
> I'll test this next time I need to reboot (which contrary to popular opinion
> isn't that often <wink>).

Cool!  I can testify that adding SvcShutdown to ZRS's service subclass
(just invoking the base class SvcStop) did cure ZRS's Windows shutdown
oddities and didn't appear to create any new problems, so I'm much
more confident now.  I'll fiddle the various Zopes' base service
classes instead tomorrow.  Thanks for the brain cells!
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