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Florent Guillaume wrote:
Today @ is forbidden in object ids. That's controlled by the bad_id regexp in OFS.ObjectManager, which tries to ensure that ids will be useable as URL components.

However, there's no reason to disallow this, as the URL spec (http:// says:

   An HTTP URL takes the form:
   Within the <path> and <searchpart> components, "/", ";", "?" are
   reserved.  The "/" character may be used within HTTP to designate a
   hierarchical structure.

Note that somewhere else in the spec, it says that @ (and others) MAY be reserved by some schemes, but HTTP doesn't actually make it reserved.

Furthermore, many projects have monkey-patched bad_id to allow @ and see no ill-effects. Having @ in ids is very useful for various things, one of them being to have email-like identifiers (think jabber for instance). There are other uses.

Unless there's opposition, I'll change the code to allow it.


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