Andreas Jung wrote:

I'd like to backport the change I made to fix: the 2.8 branch, would anyone have any objections to this?

The 2.8 branch is closed for new features. With the time-based schedule
new features should appear regularly with new major releases. So only bug fixes should go into minor releases.

Well, this is arguably a bug fix and I incorrectly filed it as a new feature on the trunk.

Yes, it adds a new zope.conf option, and that's why I filed this as a feature, but this is to fix the fact that the hard coded value has left me having to patch Zope for customers to get around the fact that it wrongly encodes strings sent to it by Plone's PlacelessTranslationService as latin-1. The problem is even worse when serving XML generated by a ZPT, which is encoded as latin-1 when it REALLY should be encoded as utf-8... (See Tres' email from earlier this evening)

Especially given the near zero risk of this bug (about 6 lines of code changed, and about 7 added) and the 100% backwards compatability (if the new zope.conf option is not included in zope.conf, the default is used and the default is identical to what it was: latin-1), I'd really like to merge this to the 2.8 branch in time for the 2.8.2 release...

Can anyone give me any good reasons not to? ;-)


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