Could we create some docs on 'Newbie: How-to install the recent Zope3.1.0 on windows using the binary installer' provided at ?

At the moment is the only available doc.

It says
'Installation instructions for both Windows and Un*x/Linux are now available in the top level README.txt file of the distribution. The binary installer is recommended for Windows.'

Which means, you need to download the tarball to get to install instructions.

Would you like to comment on the questions below ?

Questions when using the binary installer on windows:

* already installed zope3 versions are recognized by the installer
* the user is prompted to uninstall first
* user knows where to uninstall
* user knows the name of the program to uninstall
* installer uninstalls on demand
* installer installs and exits
* user knows the place of the installation
* zope program group is created
  with contents of the program group
  * start.bat - startup zope
  * nt-service - install as a windows service
  * uninstall
  * documentation
    * zope docs
    * online docs
* create a new zope instance
* install and start zeo
* ...and your questions here

I will add your comments to for a quick start.



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