[Tim Peters]
>> Log message for revision 39583:
>>   Move to ZODB 3.6.0b1.
>>   ZopeDatabase.createDB():  Plug database_name into config rather than
>>   passing it to ZODBDatabase.open().  More should be done to detect
>>   conflicting <zodb_db> section name and database_name, but I'm not
>>   sure where all the relevant code is.
>>   There are a number of DeprecationWarnings about subtransactions when
>>   running the tests.  Should be repaired.
>>   One test failure, but doesn't look like it's related to ZODB:

[Tres Seaver]
> Nope.  This one can be remediated by merging the fix on the current Five
> trunk:
>   $ svn merge -r18808:18809 svn://codespeak.net/svn/z3/Five/trunk/ .

That one should go away by magic then when the branch is merged to the
trunk (this test is passing on Zope trunk -- or doesn't exist anymore
on Zope trunk -- or something ;-)).  A number of deprecation warnings
should go away by magic too (e.g., OFS/Image.py on Zope trunk no
longer uses subtransactions).

The bulk of the deprecation warnings are coming out of ZODB's own
tests, most from testZODB.py.  I'm still baffled by that, because they
don't show up when running tests from a ZODB checkout, or when running
the Zope3 test suite.  testZODB.py is trying to stop them:

# deprecated37  remove when subtransactions go away
# Don't complain about subtxns in these tests.
                        ".*\nsubtransactions are deprecated",
                        DeprecationWarning, __name__)

While that's been effective in ZODB and Zope3, "for some reason" it
doesn't seem to accomplish anything in zodb-blobs-branch ...
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