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1.) 'action' key:

I'd like to give empty 'action' values a special meaning: The meta_type
is not visible in the add drop down in the ZMI.

The five:registerClass directive allows to set empty 'action' values.

This would resolve http://www.zope.org/Collectors/Zope/1885 .

Filtering out meta_types with empty 'action' values is a two line change
in main.dtml. I'd like to make that change also on the 2.8 branch to
enable that feature for 2.8.5 with Five 1.2.


Ouch! I thought everything is in place for that feature, but an important piece of the puzzle is missing: The fix for checkPermission.


_verifyObjectPaste uses a hack to work around that checkPermission issue, making 'action' required.

Tres: You did have a look at issue #1774 a while ago. What do you think: How much work would it be to resolve this issue? I'm not a C programmer so I can't do it myself...

2.) 'interfaces' key:

Does currently only contain oldstyle interfaces. The code in
OFS.ObjectManager that uses that key works also with z3 interfaces. I'd
like to add z3 interfaces to the value of that key. That would e.g.
allow to set only new style interfaces on catalog index classes.

I'd just as soon rip old-style interfaces out by the roots.  +1 for
allowing new-style ones in 2.8.x;  -1 for continuing to support
old-style ones on the trunk (anybody clever enough to use the old ones
"back in the day" is clever enough, and should be motivated enough, to

My goal is to make it possible to run products on Zope 2.9 without implementing any old-style interfaces. I think that's doable.

But I can't see a need to break all products that use old-style interfaces.



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