I am hoping that someone can help me with how to
construct a POST 
request in a python script.  I tried searching the
older messages, but post and get are such common
terms, that I didn't have much luck.

I have a DTML Document with a form.  Right now, it
calls a DTML method that stores data in the database. 
What I am trying to do is insert a python script in
between the two to do some data processing.  That
general procedure works when I use the python script
to generate an http GET request.  I end up
constructing a string something like
"foo?bar=true&name=jdoe".  Passing that to
RESPONSE.redirect() calls the foo DTML method and
passes in the variables that I need.  However, in my
current example, I am trying to pass two variables
that contain long strings that contain punctuation
marks, whitespace, etc.  Using the GET request for
these doesn't work.  The main problem I am seeing is
that whitespace characters seem to be causing part of
the redirection string to be ignored. However, I also
seem to recall that GET requests were length-limited
more so than POST requests (though it's been several
years, so my information could be out of date and/or 
incorrect). In any event, I would like to construct a
POST request in the python script instead and then
call RESPONSE.redirect().  Can this be done?

Thanks for any help.


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