Dieter Maurer wrote:
Jim Fulton wrote at 2005-11-1 17:28 -0500:

I have configured the test runner to exclude tests for ZConfig, BTrees,
persistent, ThreadedAsync, transaction, ZEO, ZODB, ZopeUndo, zdaemon,
and zope.testing. My reasoning for excluding these by default was that
these packages are all included via externals.  They aren't being
modified as part of the Zope 2 development process, so why run their tests?
I then realized that this applies to all of the zope package.  Perhaps
I should exclude the zope package as well.  Or perhaps we shouldn't
exclude anything by default.

I would have objected because I want to execute all tests for
the Zope installation (to verify that the final installation overall works)
independent of where the components come from.

But, then I read your post to "zope3-dev" and learned about the
"--module ." possibility. If this is available for the Zope2 ""
as well, this is fine with me.

Yup, except see my note on stitching.


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