Tim Peters wrote:
[Chris Withers]

ZCatalog still contains a commit(1) at around line 589 of ZCatalog.py,
which is causing the familiar 'Savepoints unsupported' error for us :-(

Would there be any problem changing this to a savepoint(optimistic=True)
on the 2.8 branch and trunk?

There shouldn't be any problem -- go for it.  I see that the 2.8
branch already uses transaction.savepoint() here, but should probably
use transaction.savepoint(optimistic=True) instead.


In the other direction, I see that zope/app/file/file.py still
contains two subtxn commits on 2.8 branch, but not anymore on the
trunk.  That should also be changed on 2.8 branch.

Hmm, that smells Zope 3-ish to me, and my Zope checkout links that in by svn:externals, so I'll leave that for someone more Zope 3-savy...


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