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On Fri, 18 Nov 2005 06:56:32 -0800, Andreas Jung

In general such changes should be made on the HEAD (for next 2.10

OK. I was aiming for a quick sprint to get some small changes into 2.9
before release (ie. no actual code changes, just moving text and
eliminating HappyTalk™ to make the interface usage clearer).

I got a small UI patch to have product icons in the add-dropdown
which turns out to reduce the mistakes on klicking on the wrong
product to add to a minimum. Maybe you like to include it too?

It could even get some improvements - grouping factories
by product could even help if the list is very long.

Since 2.9 is delayed until Zope 3.2 is ready for beta 1 you could commit it
to the HEAD and 2.9 branch.

Fine. Is this yet part of the discussion "yes, we want that" or
"well, if you cant hold it..."? ;)

Some +1 on the matters could motivate :-)

Here is the list w/ "improvements" ante portas:

1) Icons for add-dropdown list
2) History + History compare for all objects and more useable diff
3) warning when commiting stale edit forms in ZPT, python script (expect hight discussion here ;)

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