Dieter Maurer wrote:

Jean-Marc Orliaguet wrote at 2005-12-4 22:28 +0100:
In the log flle I'd like to be informed about events that are unexpected. Conflict errors of this kind occur "by design".

This argument is not convincing:

 In a similar way, I could argue that "MemoryError"s are there
 by design.

 While it is true that *occational* "ConflictError"s are nothing
 to worry about, a higher rate indicates that you soon
 may come into trouble -- because the risk increases that
 the automatic retries will not be able to recover and
 your users will see errors.

Obviously, a "ConflictError" is far less important than
a "MemoryError", but a higher rate of conflicts should be analysed
and if possible avoided.

The conflict rate is related to the quality of your application design. I like quality related information in my logfiles -- to be able
to take action before it is too late.

But aren't you looking for some sort of application profiler? or some sort of benchmarker? One could argue that slowly rendered pages are sign that the application is badly designed too, still you wouldn't want to see in the log file:

INFO: the request took more than 2 seconds to be fullfilled (this has occured 10 times already)

Similarly if the number of cache objects is too low, the application will run slowly, do you want to see:

INFO: 1000 objects loaded into the cache in the last 5 minutes

So why not instead create a product that logs occasional conflict errors? there is already in the ZMI in the database management screen some information about cached objects- Why not add the information that you are looking for there instead?

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