Jean-Marc Orliaguet wrote:
But aren't you looking for some sort of application profiler?

The point is that you need information to build a profile...

sort of benchmarker? One could argue that slowly rendered pages are sign that the application is badly designed too,


still you wouldn't want to see in the log file:

INFO: the request took more than 2 seconds to be fullfilled (this has occured 10 times already)

Well, yes, you do, but maybe not so verbosely ;-)
We have Apache log the time to serve in microseconds for every single request, for later analysis. If you like, I'm happy to add a binary column to Z2.log ;-)

Similarly if the number of cache objects is too low, the application will run slowly,

Well, I don't know if you or I understand zodb's caching to know what to log...

do you want to see:

INFO: 1000 objects loaded into the cache in the last 5 minutes

...but yeah, if you could quantify that having 1000 objects loaded made a significant difference to the perfomance of the request where that was logged, then I'd be all for adding it...

So why not instead create a product that logs occasional conflict errors?

Because it's a lot more work than leaving it like it is but with improved inforamtion, which, from the vote, is going to keep the most people happy anyway ;-)

there is already in the ZMI in the database management screen some information about cached objects- Why not add the information that you are looking for there instead?

That's another possibility, are you volunteering to code it though? ;-)


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