Tim Peters wrote:
> Log message for revision 41291:
>   Pain, pain, and more pain.
>   The build-the-installer process now completes, and running
>   the installer creates something that may or may not be a
>   working Zope.  It starts fine as a Windows Service, and at
>   least "looks like a Zope" ;-)

All hail Tim Peters! :)

>   Nothing in the build-the-Windows-installer process here
>   uses anything in the root of the inst/ directory anymore.
>   Instead the WinBuilders zope.mk builds Zope all by itself,
>   using the Python created by python.mk.  Everything these
>   used to use in the root of the inst/ directory was so out
>   of whack with current reality that there was no point even
>   trying to reverse-engineer what it thought it was doing.

It seems that 'inst' holds nothing of value anymore except 'Makefile.in'
and 'WinBuilders'. I propose moving those two items to the root and
remove 'inst'.

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