Benji York wrote:
Philipp von Weitershausen wrote:

Good point. There's the question: Does this "zed" thing need a different
name at all? If we want other people to pick it up, then it seems like a
good idea to distinguish it from Zope-the-app-server. Paul seems to
suggest that in his response.

How about zopelib?

If we want people outside of the zope community to use these components, they should not have the word "zope" anywhere in their name. If it says "zope" people will *always* assume it is for use only with/inside Zope (Zope 2 more often than not).

Would we want people outside the community to do this?

Would it ever be an audience bigger than 5-10 developers somewhere who would even have different goals than the Zope community.

It is difficult enough right now to herd this flock of cats called Zope developers. Why would we want to make it even more difficult by adding other communities?

Personally I could not care less if Page Templates are used in TurboGears and other frameworks.

Splitting up software into chunks with few dependencies should be done because it is good software practice. Not to favour other communities.

We should rather make a cool stack that will include people in Zope. Please remember It is *still* the sexiest technology out there!


hilsen/regards Max M, Denmark
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