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I'm CC'ing in zope-dev as more people there may care...

Dirk Datzert wrote:
Hi Chris,

you wrote on the ZOPE-DB mailing-list http://www.mail-archive.com/zope-db@zope.org/msg00417.html at Fri, 24 Feb 2006 09:15:31 -0800.

I have seen this KeyError after updating from Zope 2.7.5 to Zope 2.8.6 last weekend about every 20 Minutes.

Have you ever got a fix about this ?

Nope, never got a fix...

I fixed it like this:


       if len(cache) > max_cache / 2:
           while keys and (len(keys) > max_cache or keys[-1] < t):
               del tcache[key]
-               if int(cache[q][0]) == key:
+               if cache.has_key(q) and int(cache[q][0]) == key:
                   del cache[q]
               del keys[-1]


Maybe this is worth to do a bug entry on zope.org ?

Definitely. Would you mind adding one?
Is it possible to write tests for this code?

If not, would anyone mind if I applied this patch to the 2.8 and 2.9 branches along with the trunk?



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