Hi Rocky!

Rocky Burt wrote:
Well, pythonproducts patches regular Zope and also CMF.  Five 1.4
includes the patches for regular Zope... and with Zope 2.10 those
patches will of course be directly applied to Zope (thats what I'm
working on right now).

But there's still the matter of CMF.  At some point I want to get the
patches integrated into CMF 1.6 and/or 2.0 but with 1.6 its probably too
late and with CMF 2.0 I need to better understand how the FTI stuff
works before I can (or if I even should) apply the patches.

This basically means with Zope 2.10, pythonproducts will be 75%
useless ... everything besides the CMF stuff.

listDefaultTypeInformation no longer exists in CMF 2.0 and AFAICS that's the only thing pythonproducts patches in CMF.

So I guess

1.) the CMF stuff is obsolete with CMF 2.0

2.) pythonproducts doesn't work with CMF 2.0
(not tested, but patch_listDefaultTypeInformation seems to require listDefaultTypeInformation)

3.) registerPackage works out of the box with Five 1.4 / Zope 2.10
(also not tested)



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