Can someone please enlighten me on conflict resolving of the zeo server?

I'm getting occasional conflict errors from the zeo server.
The class I'm getting those conflict errors is a simple class
(only inheriting from Persistent) that defines a _p_resolveConflict() method.

What I found out so far is, that in if serial!=cached_tid then
tryToResolveConflict() gets called. In this method, in order to resolve the
conflict, find_globals tries to import the module where my class is defined.
Here's the problem. The zeo server has no information about my Products dir.
I added it to the PYTHONPATH variable in zeoctl before starting the server.
If I do a 'zeoctl show python' the Product dir shows up in the path, but when
I log sys.path from within the find_globals() method it does NOT show up.

How can I teach the zeo server to lookup my Products dir to resolve the conflict?

 - Markus

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