A small question/idea.

When making svn:externals in Nuxeo, we always use https. That way
trees can still be checked out anonymously, but still modified.

in Zope, threes are checked out with svn+ssh, but externals use svn.
That means that when you want to modify for example Five, you need to
delete the svn checkout and do an svn+ssh checkout instead. Also, if
you start changing things without remembering that you have to make a
fresh checkout, you have to svn diff it and them manually merge it
into the fresh checkout, and if you later do an "svn up", your changes
will be moved into a dead *.OLD directory (where you can't do svn diff
to extract your changes) and so on.

The benefit of that is that you don't by mistake check in on a tag...

My question is: Is there a good way of not having to check out a fresh
copy before you do changes? If not how would people feel about
switching to https or something instead? Especially if we merge the
trees, in which case both Zope2 and  Zope3 will be made up mainly of

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