Andreas Jung wrote:
> --On 29. August 2006 18:50:43 +0200 Dieter Maurer <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> wrote:
>> Jens Vagelpohl wrote at 2006-8-28 20:14 +0200:
>>> On 28 Aug 2006, at 19:19, Andreas Jung wrote:
>>>> Some time ago the following patch was proposed to control the timing
>>>> for opening the socket ports upon startup:
>>>> <>
>>>> I propose to adapt the patch for Zope 2.11 since it is pretty
>>>> useful especially when you deal with loadbalancers and have Zope
>>>> instances that
>>>> take a lot time for starting up (e.g. Plone :-)). Any objections?
>>> +1
>>> If you have load balancers that only look for open ports (or a single
>>> instance with no load balancers even) this will improve the user
>>> experience for people who hit the site upon startup. IMHO it's more
>>> helpful to get a "connection refused" reply in a browser than a
>>> browser that sits and sits and sites...
>> Can we make this configurable?
> The patch fast-listen patch is already available on the trunk. However
> I don't have plans for any further work in that area.

This sounds as if it wasn't configurable. It actually *is* configurable,
so everyone should be happy. Those who want to bind late can do so now.
Otherwise Zope will bind early as usual.

That should end this topic :)
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