Philipp von Weitershausen wrote:
Christopher Lozinski wrote:
I need a very simple app. Just 1 ZClass, an invoice object. Not even subitems on the invoice. I want to create these ZClasses, I want a table of these ZClasses, I want to be able to say which role gets to create these objects, which role gets to see which fields, and which role gets to edit which fields. I would also like a search form with a ZCatalog, and I would like an edit/create form. All I want is to define the fields of the Zclass, and have the rest magically appear. I want the application to be built really quickly. Can you deliver by Monday?

I should note that for reasons of brevity, I deliberately omitted two features from the "spec" above:

* catalog searching (would be possible with another Page Template for the search results view and ~20 lines of Python code, if even that much)

* security declarations (a couple of lines here and there)

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